Bass 3.0 -- Bass Dulcimer to the Max!

Your living space!

7:30 Eastern Daylight Time -- This class takes your bass dulcimer skills way beyond the alternating bass or walking bass patterns. In this class, you’ll explore how to make the bass play “back up,” meaning in an accompaniment style while simultaneously adding bass lines. Participants should be able to perform barre chords efficiently and have a thorough knowledge of chords and chord shapes. DAd tuning; 1+ fret required.

Participants will receive by email three tunes which will be tabbed as a standard and bass duet. (If you're going to be a true bass player, someone else has to play lead!) In addition to the tablature, you will also receive two audio tracks per song -- one with both dulcimer parts and one without the bass part. That way, you'll be able to practice your bass part by yourself! (One tune in this session was taught at QuaranTUNE in August.)

The event will take place online using Zoom, the free video conferencing platform. You will need a computer, iPad or smartphone equipped with a camera and microphone in order to attend the class. After you register, your email receipt will contain the Zoom link for the class. However, you will also receive the link in an email the day before along with the aforementioned files. Simply click on that link a little before the appointed time to join the fun.